Introduction of IGEBC
Theme: Green Building Re-innovation under the Background of Green Development
In order to promote China’s scientific innovation and carry out green building and energy-efficient building in housing and urban rural development field, since 2005, the “International Conference on Green and Energy-Efficient Building & New Technologies and Products Expo” (IGEBC) has been held for 11 years. It is the largest and the most influential green and energy-efficient building industrial conference. IGEBC exchanges the latest scientific research findings, developing trends, successful domestic and abroad cases in green and energy-efficient building; discusses technical standards, policies and measures, evaluation system, inspection identification in green and energy-efficient building; shares new global working experiences in green and energy-efficient building. The “International Green and Energy-Efficient Building New Technologies and Products Expo” held simultaneously exhibits the latest technological results and products application cases in energy-efficient building, green building, intelligent building and green building materials in China and foreign countries.

Conference Highlights

Most High Profile Event, the Largest
Greenbuilding Conference in China
High quality professional audience
Global prominent enterprises attendance
Multiple Medias all-round report
Distinguished Guests, Peak Discussion
Experts decide the Height
More than 200 field leaders
Communicate with leading thoughts
High-end Speech, High-level Dialogue
Contents determine quality
More than 30 Seminars
Dialogue with high-end wisdom
Open Cooperation, Global Share
Numous international organizations attendance
Mode innovation, resources unification
Green world in touch

Who Spoke at Previous IGEBC(Partly)

The Expo

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Video Highlights

Review of the Previous IGEBCs

  • 2005

    In March, 2005, the first IGEBC showed it debut in Beijing. Zeng Peiyan, then Vice Premier of the State Council, sent his congratulation letter. He wished that China’s architects can strengthen cooperation and communication with architects from other countries to jointly promote buildings to be more intelligent, convenient, energy-efficient, ecological and green. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2006

    Theme: [Green and Intelligent—Shortcut to Energy-Efficient and Land-Saving Buildings] In recent issued “Five-Year Plan”, Chinese government has proposed to comprehensively carry out and implement the outlook of scientific development, insist on the principle of human as the foundation to bring the economic and social development into the path of all-round, coordinated and sustainable development and to build a resource-conserving and environment-friendly society.>>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2007

    Theme: [Promoting Green Building Through Overall Innovation from Materials, Structure to Evaluative Criteria] The third IGEBC has continued the success of the previous two but with a more outstanding performance: a more far-ranging content, a higher level of academic performance, a larger scale and a higher level of guests attending.>>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2008

    Theme: [Promoting Green Building and Pushing Forward Energy Conservation& Emission Reduction] The conference was divided into two parts: sessions and exhibition. This year’s IGEBC had strengthen communication and cooperation on building energy conservation thoughts and technologies between home and abroad, promoted domestic green building industry to develop soundly and pushed forward the work of energy conservation and emission reduction in domestic real estate and building industry and further raised the social awareness of building energy-saving. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2009

    Theme: [Implementing the Concept of Scientific Development and Accelerating the Process of Building Energy Efficiency] The fifth IGEBC had continued carrying out and implementing the strategic deployment on energy-saving and emission reduction of the central committee of CPC and the State Council to build a resource-conserving, environment-friendly society and push forward the work of intelligent and green building and building energy-efficiency. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2010

    Theme: [Accelerating Utilization of Renewable Energy and Promoting Development of Green Building] This year’s IGEBC had added a new session topic and exhibit theme of “Low-carbon Community and Green Building”to positively publicize the idea of low energy consumption, low pollution and low emission and advocate a low-carbon production and low-carbon lifestyle. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2011

    Theme: [Green Building: Making City Life More Low-carbon and More Beautiful] More and more speakers had joined IGEBC, which includes experts and scholars from domestic and international institutes in World Green Building Association, government officials and leading engineers. The influence of IGEBC was bigger and bigger than the previous year and its content changed accordingly with the times. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2012

    Theme: [Green Buildings for a Low-Carbon and Livable World] There were over 200 government officials, experts, scholars and leading entrepreneurs both from at home and abroad to deliver speeches at this year’s IGEBC. Exhibitors had also reached 200. They showcased the latest technologies and product applications of green and energy-efficient building, intelligent building and green building materials to participants. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2013

    Theme: [Reinforcing Management for All-round Promotion of Green Building Quality] IGECB had developed into the largest and the most influential domestic event in green and energy-efficient building industry in nine year’s efforts. It provided a more dimensional and all-round communication platform to showcase thoughts and technologies of green and energy-efficient building. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2014

    Theme:[Popularizing Green Building, Promoting Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction] Looking back 10 years of development, the attendance increased from the initial 800 to more than 3000, exhibitors from the initial 50 to more than 300. We gathered more than 300 domestic and international famous green building experts, scholars and business elites to this event, which realized a cross country, the integration of trans-regional, multidisciplinary and multi-field IGEBC, thus has become one of the largest scale and most influential green building energy efficiency industry event in China. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)
  • 2015

    Theme:[Promoting Green Building Performance, Furthering New-Type Urbanization] IGECB was held for the first time at the China National Convention Center. Several issues were touched the core of Chinese green building and energy efficiency development. The Expo scale was largely improved with more than 10000 square meters exhibition area, 500 booths, 300 enterprises, which hit a record high of IGEBCs. >>More

    (Review of the Previous IGEBCs)

Conference Venue

Conference Date: March 30-31, 2016
Venue: China National Convention Center (CNCC) No.7, Tianchen East Rd., Chaoyang District (Line 8 Olympic Park Station)

Organizers & Cooperation

Expo Contact

Contacts: Zhang Lanping Huang Yanhua Sun Xiaoqing Zhai Xiaozhen Chen Mangmang
Tel:010 - 57485187/57485186/58933559/88585381-822

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Contact: Zhou Li, Zhu Meiqian,Sun Xiaoqing, Chang Xingyu, Liu Dan Li Mingqing
Tel:010 - 58933559/58933632/58933591/58934783/58933584
Fax:010 - 58933632

Media Cooperation

Contact:Li Tianping

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